Hair & Makeup
Our professional hair and make-up artists will come to your hotel room to pamper you and your bridesmaids or guests on the big day. Other options include bridal party hair and make up, manicures, pedicures, and more.
$200.00 for Bridal hair and make up styling

White doves are a symbol of peace and good fortune. Release them from hand-made baskets after your first kiss as a married couple. Doves must be released at least one hour before sunset.
$195.00 for a two dove release
Tradewind Weddings' planners will gladly assist you in designing and ordering save-the-date cards, invitations, escort/place cards, menus, table tents, calligraphy and other stationery needs.
Prices will vary depending on service, design and quantity.
Butterflies represent new life. They can be released during or after your ceremony as a symbol of your new life together.
$50.00 for two butterflies
Wedding Favor Design
We will assist you in designing the perfect gift for your guests who have come from near or far to celebrate with you. From small treats to overflowing welcome baskets, we will design and assemble gifts for your guests to save you time and shipping costs.
Ambiance Lighting
Candles, lanterns, chandeliers, strings of lights are all great ways to add an extra special touch to your indoor or outdoor reception or ceremony.
Prices vary and options are endless.